8/15/2013 LAB
Sire Sid Color Yellow
Dam Ariel Color Yellow
Easton M Yellow
Everett M Yellow
Eloise F Yellow
Ebba F Yellow
Elissa F Yellow
Ember F Yellow
Emily F Yellow
Erica F Yellow
Evie F Yellow


Click on the family picture to see all of Easton’s baby pictures

Easton family picture

Welcome to the Sid x Ariel Labrador litter; whelp date 8.15.13! All yellow puppies includes males Everett and Easton and females Evie, Erica, Emily, Ember, Elissa, Ebba, and Eloise.

The YouTube videos below are of baby Easton, his siblings and his mother. They are very fun to watch. Enjoy!!

8.19.13 http://youtu.be/SDMnuO_0DNo
8.26.13 http://youtu.be/Yue7OVvg7gg
9.16.13 http://youtu.be/Wp87FYe9VHc
9.21.13 http://youtu.be/yhg7iSdGgKQ
9.24.13 http://youtu.be/gE-sS-b26s0